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I survived week 2

Let me start by saying I'm already a failure...this post was due last Friday and I forgot about it until today. My first full week of severance and I already forgot to do something. I thoroughly chastised myself then bought myself a cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen. Now that I've stuffed myself I'm ready to make amends and get this post published.

So, how did my week go? It was surprisingly decent. I did spend a couple of hours at Starbucks each day writing but that was mostly for my own sanity because my fur babies have attention seeking issues and I struggle to ignore their big, brown eyes and sad faces.

On the domestic goddess front...I'm still no Martha Stewart but I am doing more around the house than I did in the past. I haven't braved cooking in the kitchen yet, but baby steps, I did make a tiny dent in the never ending laundry pile that plagues us.

On the writing front, I wrote over 14k words in four days which is a ton for me. It was a push though because I was behind on a deadline. I did manage to get that book off to Amazon plus plotted three more stories and am in the process of putting them up for pre-order now. I also did some formatting jobs for clients too.

There were down sides though, I found out my health insurance only continues during my severance if I pay out the rear for it so that's been a crazy scramble and one that unfortunately isn't helping my bitter feelings but I'm trying to stay positive.

If I watch another marketing video any time soon I may shoot myself, it's exhausting. The worst part about being an Indie author is trying to do everything on your own. I am learning a lot though and trying to modify my current process to help me grow.

I'm really a glutton for punishment and decided to try a hectic schedule of releasing a new book every 28 days starting July 1st. Bad for me, exhausting for my beta team and editors, profitable for my cover artists, and hopefully for you, the reader, it's thrilling.

I do have a surprise twist for all of you, I'm dipping my toes in the pool of the reverse harem genre. I have a bunch of books planned and I think you are going to love them. For those of you waiting on the next book in my already established series, I promise I didn't forget you. These next 25 weeks are for you, I promise to give everything I have to get my new stories out and deliver on the series you already know and love.

Wish me luck for another productive week!

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