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A twist of fate changes her life forever… 
One dream put on hold to honor another… 
Do second chances exist? Can dreams be reclaimed? 

Twins, Isabelle and Ian are enjoying their senior year of high school with their whole lives ahead of them. 

She is auditioning for Julliard and he has offers for soccer scholarships at any school he wants. 

Only Isabelle knew he was planning to put off college and join the Army. 
Tragedy strikes one day and Ian is killed. In her grief, Isabelle decides to put her dream on hold and honor his. 

While deployed tragedy strikes again and she is injured. 

Thinking her dreams of dancing again are out of reach she gives up on life. Is she strong enough to overcome her disabilities? Can the love she finds with her brothers best friend Conner be enough to help her reclaim her dreams?

Broken Dreams - Print Book

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