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A widowed fairy, a bear shifter mobster, and Christmas at Crimson Moon Hideaway.Owen Bradley hated his life as the right-hand man of an infamous mobster but when you owe your life to him you do what you have to. Having no family of his own, he doesn't mind when his boss says they will be spending Christmas week at the newly opened Crimson Moon Hideaway.Elena Booker lost everything. Her husband and child were gone and she was an outsider left with her husband's wolf pack who want nothing to do with fairies. She's skeptical when news comes that she won a week at the supernatural resort of Crimson Moon. Desperate for human connection and to get away from her own grief she decides to go.Neither was prepared to meet their mate but know they can't deny it. Now Elena has to find a way past her grief and allow herself to be loved again.

Crimson Moon Hideaway: Bearly Healed


    © 2015 by Cassidy K. O'Connor. Proudly created with

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