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Aeslyn Walker and her partner Ash have a successful private investigative business, so when the phone rings they expect the usual requests for help. But when Gerri Wilder calls life gets interesting. Aeslyn’s oath to protect people has her willingly agreeing to Gerri’s favor. She has no idea her next case will be protecting her own mate.
Sebastian Rutledge was a Medic in the Air Force, he had an oath to save as many soldiers as he could. He had his dream job and his dream life until he lost a patient he couldn’t recover from...home from service now he has turned his attention to the important things in life. A missing cat leads to instant attraction and Seb knows he has to keep Aeslyn around. He doesn’t know Aeslyn was staying around for her own reasons.

Secrets, danger and heartache can love be here too?

My Oath To You

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