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Raven’s Haven, a gym dedicated to teaching women self-defense becomes something more, a beacon of hope for survivors. The Self-Rescuing Goddess club, nine women from different backgrounds, with different circumstances come together to learn how to live, love, and trust again.
Book One: Fighting for Forgiveness
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Absolution...That is all Mason Stephenson wants. He needs to atone for failing to save his sister. Mason dedicates his life to rescuing people in need of help. Through self-defense classes, he teaches women how to be strong and gives them the confidence to live life again. Always thinking of others, he doesn’t realize the woman he saves from being attacked in her car is going to change his life forever.

Mia Chapman thought her day was going like any other until suddenly it wasn’t. Attacked while walking to her car, a surprise hero intervenes and rescues her. It doesn’t take long for her to see Mason is special, but she worries his past will keep him from feeling he deserves love and acceptance.

Mason can’t forgive himself for what he thinks is his part in his sister’s death. Will Mia be strong enough to help him heal or will he be doomed to live his life searching for forgiveness?

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