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About Me

I'm a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets where my roots are. I married my high school sweetheart and have 3 kids and one crazy dog.  I love all things Ireland and have been lucky enough to visit twice.


The first three books of the Love's Protector Series is out now. I also have a Wicked Wonderland story published as part of an anthology for charity. 


My passion is empowering women, please check out the 'Building Women Up'  (BWU) page for more info. 


There are many ways to get in touch with me! At the top you can send me an email via the contact page. Anywhere on this site you can click the Facebook and Twitter links to follow me. I also have a Tsu and Goodreads accounts you can link with here:

Author Interview

  • Why do you write?

    • CKO - Being able to move a person to laughter, anger, or tears with my words is an incredible feeling. I love the idea that I may have given someone a break from their reality and hopefully brighten their day.

  • What Genre’s do you enjoy writing?

    • CKO - I don't focus on genre's specifically. I come up with a story idea and as I start the process I determine if it will be clean or not and what genre it will fit best in.

  • What sets you apart from others writing in these genres?

    • CKO - I don't write typical love stories and my characters will have real things happen to them. Even though all of my stories have Happily Ever After's I make sure what gets them there is real and deep.

  • What books do you enjoy reading?

    • CKO - I am addicted to Historical Romance and Young Adult.

  • What is the best feedback you’ve ever gotten?

    • CKO - Recently a young woman came up to me at a signing. She was their with her aunt and is not a reader. My book caught her eye and she took a chance on it. She sat in the lobby for two hours while her aunt walked around and read my book. She came back to me with tears in her eyes and said she couldn't my book down, it was amazing and I HAVE to write more. At this time I was really debating my future in writing and her words gave me the motivation to keep going.

  • What is the worst feedback you’ve gotten?

    • CKO - I am extremely lucky that I've never been given anything I consider bad. I guess no feedback is the worst feedback.

  • What book is the one you are most proud of?

    • CKO - Broken Dreams started as a dream and turned into this emotionally beautiful story that moves my readers more than anything I've ever written. 

  • What kind of books are you considering or working on for the future?

    • CKO - I have an NA Series called 'Raven's Haven' which will be out next year. I am hoping to get a yet untitled Contemporary Romance out before the end of this year and I am part of an 'Odd Paranormal' anthology coming out in February.







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