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Welcome to Black Hollow, the most paranormal town in America.

Black Hollow is a shared world. Please visit for detailed information on all books by all authors. Below are books specifically written by Cassidy.

Welcome to Black Hollow, the most paranormal town in America. When your mayor is a Griffin and the local diner is run by mermaid's serving fish and chips, you know you’ll never have a mundane day. 

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Sarah hasn’t been in a relationship since she left her abusive ex-husband. When her close friends invite her to a weekend in Black Hollow she takes her first step toward moving on. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a man or Frankenstein’s monster in Adam's case. 

Adam has lived his life hidden from the world, tired of the stares from strangers. He roamed for centuries tortured with not being able to age or die. He found solace in Black Hollow, it was the perfect place to be himself and forge friendships with other immortals. Until Sarah comes along and he finds the one thing he can’t live without. Complete acceptance and love. 

Nothing is ever as easy as that though, someone wants to keep humans out of Black Hollow and Sarah is the first victim. Can Adam save her and his future?


Toussaint didn’t believe love was worth the risk of possible heartache. Lust and Danger roll in with a new visitor. Toussaint has to solve the mystery of who’s ransacking the town before it escalates to murder.

After watching his brother destroyed over the loss of his spouse, Toussaint swore he would avoid love and save himself the heartache. He wasn’t prepared for the day Ivy Grange rolls into town, car loaded with bridal shower decorations and a horribly ugly creature she swears is a dog.

As Toussaint starts to soften towards Ivy, strange events start happening around town. He starts missing time and showing up with bloody knuckles. It isn’t until Ivy finds out the truth about Black Hollow and what creature Toussaint really is that things get worse.

Faced with the choice of giving up his own life to save Ivy’s, he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice everything for love.


What's a gargoyle to do when he finally finds his mate and she turns out to be a blood-thirsty mormo on the run and afraid to trust anyone.

Aristide likes his quiet life, reading and running the town bookstore. It isn't until a mormo shows up needing help does he realize he's not really been living, merely existing.

Tamiko Gray has been a prisoner for more years than she can remember. Forced to use her powers to lure men to her room where her captors are waiting to rob them. Desperate for freedom she escapes and finds herself in the mysterious town of Black Hollow.

When Tamiko's captors are closing in she's left with the choice of running again or letting her new friends help her. She never expected the quirky paranormal town would help her see she is worthy of accepting love.

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Mending Love eBook.jpg

Living with her brother is one thing; living with her brother and his new husband is something else entirely. Now, Nerissa Falkenberg is eager to give the lovebirds their own nest, while she drafts the plans for her dream home.

When Pascal gets the call to build Nerissa’s new home, he leaps at the chance. This is the lady Pascal has loved from afar for longer than he will admit and now is his chance to build more than just a home.

However, while Nerissa’s brother is away on his honeymoon, all hell breaks loose at their restaurant throwing her plans into chaos. To compound matters, secret relatives she swore to never see again show up. Will this nightmare ever end?

What would you do if you met your mate and found out she knew nothing of the supernatural world and only had days to live?

Dr. Jonathan Larson lived to serve the residents of Black Hollow. It wasn’t until his mate shows up in need of help that he learns the town would do anything to help him.

Irelyn Danvers was almost two thousand miles from home trying to check items off her bucket list. After multiple battles with cancer she has accepted her fate and was going to make the best out of her time left. When her car breaks down in Black Hollow it turns out to be her greatest adventure yet.

Jonathan only has days to reveal the supernatural world to his mate and convince her to let him save her. He didn’t expect her to refuse his help. Could he respect her wishes and say goodbye or would she accept the offer of love and salvation the town was offering her?

A disgraced cupid walks into a bar... Tanner James's life has become one big pointless party. You sleep with a few charges and suddenly you're the bad guy. That's fine, he didn't need that job anyway.

A kitsune in hiding after the temple she guards is bombed. Sora's only purpose in life is destroyed in a moment. She'd give anything to go back and prevent the tragedy.

There's something special about the holidays in Black Hollow. Anything is possible, even two lost souls finding each other and realizing they are both worthy of forgiving love.

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