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The Love's Protector Series

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Keara is the newest initiate within a warrior clan of faeries who have 
sworn allegiance to their Queen, Cliodhana. Keara will pledge her life to defend against the Evil Lianhan Shee, an evil faery who seduces men and drains their souls for pleasure. The faery clan use their skills to seek and seduce these men in order to train and prepare them for their soul mates. If the faeries can connect the men with their one true love they will be protected from the Lianhan Shee. Keara will discover and learn the ways of the faery clan and be sent out to complete the mission she has pledged herself to. Will Keara fall prey to the lust and emotion of her mission? Will her seductive powers go to her head? Will the Lianhan Shee capture another victim? 

This book is the entire Love's Protector Series which includes the following books:

Tempted by the Fae

Seduced by the Fae

Charmed by the Fae

Healed by the Fae

Redeemed by the Fae

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